What Others Say!

Amazing food at an even better price. Always leave full and happy.

Matt Runstedler

Best breakfast in Erie....

Shawn Steiner

I had the country fried steak and gravy the other day. It was delicious!

Elizabeth McFadden

Such good food and service!! No wonder they're always packed! And love Joey Mancuso!!

Kathy McCoy Monschein Garhart

Best breakfast place in Erie! The cook is totally awesome!

Paula Przepiorski-Kazmaier

Incredible food, prices and people A+

Edie Rebel

Love the place. go there weekly for the italian breajfast YUM!

Karen Mallin Lewis

Get the #10 wow is that good!

Marc Keller

When We're Open!


6:00 AM to 1:00 PM


6:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Where We're At!

4108 Peach St

Erie, PA

(814) 864-2727

About Us!


Where we are always glad you are here, because you have a choice and thank you for choosing us! We have been serving breakfast since 2006. All served up to you in a relaxed and clean atmosphere. Our staff takes pride in delivering fast and corteous service of our homecooked generous portioned breakfasts. We are family owners and locally operated. The Breakfast Place 4108 Peach Street would also like to thank all of our customers for making us Erie's Choice for Breakfast for 2012/2013.

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Eggs and Toast on a plate
One Egg with Buttered Toast and/or Potatos
Two Eggs with Buttered Toast and/or Potatos


Served with Buttered Toast

Omelet on a plate
American Cheese
Sausage & Cheese
Bacon & Cheese
Ham & Cheese


Served with Buttered Toast and Potatos

Omelet on a plate
→ Sausage, Bell Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms & Homefries in a 3 Egg Scramble topped with Mozzarella & Hot Pepper Rings
→ Meatballs and Mozzarella Cheese Topped with Spaghetti Sauce
→ Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions and Chopped Tomatoes with Pepper Rings
→ Ham, Onions and Bell Peppers
Greek Omelette
→ Potatos, Cheddar Cheese and Greek Sauce


Omelet on a plate
The Big Breakfast
→ 2 Eggs, 2 Strips of Bacon, 1 Sausage (link), Potatos & Buttered Toast with 2 Hot Cakes or 2 Pieces of French Toast
Country Fried Steak
→ Crispy Breaded Steak Topped with Sausage gravy and served with 2 eggs, Potatos and Buttered Toast
The West Side
→ 2 Eggs, 2 Strips of Bacon, 1 Sausage Link, Potatos and Buttered Toast
Eggs Benedict
→ 2 Eggs Over Easy on Slice of Hame Served on Swiss Cheese and English Muffin with Hollandaise Sauce
Cajun Eggs
→ 2 Eggs topped with Cajun Seasoning over Diced Ham, Onions, Mushrooms & American Cheese Served with Buttered Toast
Chip Beef
→ on Toast or Toast with Potatos
Steak and Eggs
→ 6oz. Sirloin with 2 Eggs, Potatos and Buttered Toast
Four Stack
→ 4 Fluffy Buttermilk Hot Cakes - Hot off the Grill Served with Syrup & Butter
The Italian Combo
→ 2 Pieces of Italian French Toast, 2 Eggs, 2 Strips of Bacon or 1 Sausage Link Served with Buttered Toast
Something To Hash Over
→ 2 Eggs over Grilled Corned Beef Hash with Buttered Toast
Sausage Gravy & Biscuits
→ Sausage Gravy over 2 Homemade Biscuits Served with 2 Eggs and Potatos


6oz. Cinnamon Roll
Roasted Almond Oatmeal
→ Served with Brown Sugar & Cream - Topped with your Choice of Cherries, Blueberries or Cranberries with Turkey Sausage on the Side


Omelet on a plate
Joey's Breakfast Sandwich
→ Fried Egg and Italian Sausage Patty with Melted Provolone on Grilled or Toasted Italian Bread
B.P Classic's
→ Egg, Bacon or Ham with Chhese on a Toasted Bagel or English Muffin
Must Try
→ Bell Pepper or Hot Pepper Rings Wrapped in Egg and Servec on Grilled or Toasted Italian Bread
Southwest Sausage Burger
→ Sausage Burger Patty with Peppers & Onions Topped with Cheddar Cheese on Toast and Served with Potatos


Omelet on a plate
Greek Burger
→ with our own Homemade Greek Sauce
Greek Dog with our own Homemade Greek Sauce
→ with our own Homemade Greek Sauce
Greek Fries
→ Crispy French Fries Topped with Greek Sauce and Cheddar Cheese
Regular Fries
Six Packs to go
→ 6 Greek dogs or 6 Greek Burgers


Omelet on a plate
French Toast Stix.
Scrambled Eggs with Bacon
Short Stack - 2 Pancakes with Bacon